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When Zulily informed me that they would like to feature me in their monthly newsletter, I was so surprised. When their marketing team interviewed me for the feature and I was informed that Zulily works with over 16,000 brands and they were only including less than a dozen of us for the newsletter, I was truly humbled!  Being included in a vendor newsletter might not seem like a lot to some, but for me it is. I started this company as a hobby. It grew and grew and is now far from a hobby, and commands much more time from me than I often have to give. Stats like this reassures me that I must be doing something right and that my hard work is being recognized. Here is a snippet from the feature:

Vendor Feature: Ella’s Bows

This month, we are excited to feature Ella’s Bows, a baby accessories company that has worked with zulily since 2013. We spoke with owner, mother, and entrepreneur, Robin Huling, on how she manages her thriving business, four small children, and how zulily has aided in her company’s success. Robin has some great tips on how she leverages her zulily partnership and found enough success to hire on her husband full time while also beginning to expand into a full clothing line.

  .....According to Robin, since “zulily strives to bring new and exciting products to their customers, it really pushes her to be as creative as she can. It is also important, as a seller, to take advantage of all the sales data that zulily provides. It shows what the customers are buying and what is in demand. This information helps build collections that are going to be well received in future events.”

As someone who has found success in creating a company from scratch, while raising four children, we asked her what advice she could give aspiring ‘Mom-entrepreneurs’ and she said “Just do it!! You just have to get started. Believe in yourself and your abilities.” She also said, when trying to balance motherhood and building a company to “embrace the chaos! As a working mom, you need to make sure your spreadsheets are balanced because that may be the only balance in your life! Learn to embrace the chaos with a sense of humor.”

While Robin continues to embrace the chaos, we encourage you all to check out her event on zulily today and don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams, too.

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